For the past two decades...

Sally Brown has been exploring feminism, gender and identity through her personal, expressive artwork; curious, reflective writing; and intentional, accessible curating.

"I focus on the movement, the research, seeing the beauty in the moments of the lines and writing/exploring what it all means through my own musings and that of other feminist artists. I find empowerment both in the process and the outcome of art, writing and curating."

Sally Brown
Sally Brown

Check out my recent feature and interview on the podcast, Beyond the Paint with Bernadine.

Art historian Bernadine Franco looks at two of my body prints in relation to feminist work by Yoko Ono and Judy Chicago before asking me a few questions about my process and recent work. Such an honor to be included in her other fabulous and poignant podcast series centered on women artists.

The podcast can be found on iTunes, Spotify or on her website: