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I was obsessed with fashion design until I found the freedom of simply drawing. Lines on paper and canvas is my joy, whether pencil, ink, watercolor, or body print lines. I like the ease of capturing the simple moments. Each line is a moment, as I find my way as a woman, mother, and sensual being at one with my body and self. I think this is a universal exploration, and if one person relates, that’s rad. If you think it’s just silly and fun, that’s cool too. Because it is.

The lineage of feminist art and art made by women is of foundational inspiration and significance in my work. This historical context and these artists must be highlighted in exhibitions in order for our work to be documented and respected and for girls and women in the future to learn of it. This is the core of my writing, curating, and artmaking.

The relationship of my body to my life is of utmost importance and curiosity in my work and life. My art intertwines with my musings, thoughts, and acts of everyday life.