The lineage of feminist art and art made by women must be documented and contextualized in media and historical texts in order for their work to be exhibited and respected and for girls and women in the future to learn of it. This is foundational to my arts writing as I interview, research, write, and review articles mostly around women artists and curating art by women.

I pay close attention to their placement and contextualization as well as their own lives and environments, opposed to the mode of white-walled, chronological, and individual genius framing of traditional exhibitions in order to create the deepest possible understanding and appreciation for their work.

I also have an archived blog, Les Femmes Folles: Celebrating Women in Art. From 2011-2021, I featured over 1,000 women artists in all genres, levels, backgrounds and locations worldwide. I also wrote some art and book reviews and blog posts; published 12 art/poetry books, and curated several exhibitions and events under the name honoring women in art.

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Review: Gravity and Spectacle, Artediola, 2024

Interview with artists Marie Bergstedt, Amy Chaiklin and Laurence de Valmy, Artspiel, Nov. 2022

“Institutional Time: Judy Chicago’s Career Through the Lens of Art Education,” Panorama, Fall 2021

Review: Judy Chicago: New Views, Woman’s Art Journal, 2021

Review: How Darkness Enters the Body, Dillydoun Review, 2021

Review: Anne Brigman: A Vision in Modern Photography, Woman’s Art Journal, 2020

Review: Armed Disposal, Virtual and Gallery Exhibition by VICTORI+MO, Whitehot Magazine, 2020

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