Sallery Art Consultancy

artCurrently located in Morgantown, West Virginia, I offer in-person consulting regionally, visiting homes and small businesses, doing research, presenting options, and helping with installation.  Nationally, I offer remote consultation on art and installation options. My focus is on securing personal connections to artists and their work, with an emphasis on work by women and underrepresented artists. I will get to know you and your space, then present you with various options chosen exclusively for you.

I have over 14 years’ consultancy experience, including reviewing and writing art/curatorial features independently for various publications and curating group exhibitions throughout the country. These connections, combined with my education, experience, and passion for connecting people with art that they love, provide me with a unique ability to help folks find cherished artwork for their own homes.

Owning and displaying original art that has individualized, unique relevance in your home creates a special warmth in your atmosphere, exemplifying your distinct self while also being an investment and supporting working creatives.

For a free introductory consultation about your art wants or needs for your space, email me at