Along with collaborating with my kids, my collaborative books, and exhibits, I have collaborated with several artists. I feel motherhood, womanhood, and life as a human isn’t solitary, and making these creative connections builds onto and with my solo work.

I welcome more connections with artists to explore my artistry, perspectives and relationships further.

With Mike Scheef: Untitled, screen print and spray print on album covers, 2013
With Trilety Wade: Untitled, mixed media, 2019–2020
With Rachel Mindrup and FH: Bodies of Work, acrylic, pencil and ink on paper, 2012
With Scott Blake, What Will Her Kids Think?, zine, 2013
With Micol Hebron, Gallery Tally posters, 2012–2017

Other collaborations include:

Art history book
Gallery tally
Tx Collab: The scene
Trilety, Kristin Lubbert
Mike Scheef
JJ Carroll
Scott Blake
Bodies of work: Mother artist model
Emily Prentice zine