Performance and Public Art

I have lead and participated in a number of public and performance artworks.

In 2011–2013, I developed and managed “Drink ‘n’ Draw Omaha,” a monthly event inviting artists to come enjoy libations while drawing/painting from live models. I managed the models and worked as a model as well. I love modeling for art classes and workshops!

I also curated a series of performances called Lit Undressed in Omaha (2011–2013) in collaboration with the Omaha Lit Fest. Around various themes (the body, female beats, fashion among others), I called for and selected poetry and performers to read the poetry in and out of costume. With each performance was a curated visual exhibit themed around the performance.

In 2019, eight of my feminist tribute body prints were selected, enlarged, and reproduced on public trashcans in downtown Morgantown as part as Arts Monongahela’s Public Art Project.

In 2019, I scripted live during the Morgantown Arts Walk for a commission by the Morgantown Public Library to make a series of works related to books or reading. Since I can’t body print in public, I prepped the canvases with body prints beforehand and brought Helen Cixous’ “The Laugh of the Medusa” to script onto the canvases. This famous feminist essay is about the importance of women writing; our bodies must be heard. The three paintings are now on view at the Downtown Morgantown Public Library.

In 2020, I scripted live during an exhibition I curated of five women-identifying visual artists making art around the female body. At the opening of the exhibition, at Morgantown Art Party, I scripted live on a body-printed prepped canvas the article by Carolee Schneemann’s articles, “The Obscene Body/Politic,” 1991, and MEANING, 1989, about the abuse and defamation of women’s bodies throughout history and why women should create work around the female body. This work is currently in my personal collection.