Brushing Up: A Conversation with Leila Pinto, Artist and Managing Director

Art by Leila PintoIn the world of art and business, Leila Pinto shines as an artist and Managing Director. She creates mesmerizing paintings that resonate with viewers, winning awards and recognition. Beyond her canvases, she empowers fellow artists with invaluable business insights. In this interview, we explore her artistic journey and her views on the arts, leadership, and artist support.

🤩 What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

“My favorite thing about being an artist is that I get to express myself creatively, and to create beautiful and meaningful paintings that inspire and connect with people through my paintings. Through exhibitions both physical and online, I have garnered some recognition for my work, won awards and have been featured in several magazines and blogs. I enjoy learning new skills and exploring new technologies with my art. And I love it when collectors share pictures of my art in their homes or office and share the feelings of serenity, peace, joy or other emotions it evokes in them. I also love sharing my experience with other artists, especially helping them with the business side of art, as it’s a big challenge for many artists.”

🌟 What is one way arts leaders can enhance their impact and what is the greatest need facing the arts today?

“One way arts leaders can enhance their impact is by fostering a culture of connectedness, collaboration, and change within their organizations and communities. Arts leaders need to embrace diverse perspectives and invite their colleagues to participate meaningfully in shaping the future of their organizations. The most important in my opinion is that the ART WORLD ESTABLISHMENT also needs to be more helpful and inclusive to ARTISTS who are the cornerstone of the ARTS INDUSTRY. Without artists, there is no art; no art business; no art leaders. This is often forgotten as art has increasingly become commoditized. As an artist and finance professional I can objectively view things through my unique lens and perspective. So gallerists, art consultants; art curators and other related businesses need to pay the same attention to artists as they do to their collectors that they tend to focus on.”

🌈 Why is making art accessible important?

“Making art accessible is important for a number of reasons: 1. Art is a universal medium of expression, bridging gaps across language, time and culture • Art can educate and inspire by exposing people to new perspectives, ideas and emotions. • Art can support the economy and the environment, by creating jobs, and promoting hard to grasp ideas like sustainability. I have used my artistic voice and ocean themed paintings to raise awareness about not polluting our beautiful planet with plastic for instance. • I use various formats and mediums, like physical canvas, digital art and various social media platforms to reach a wider audience. As I truly believe in the transformative power of art to touch people and to change lives.”

💡 Concluding thoughts:

Leila Pinto emphasizes the pivotal role of artists in the art world. As she advocates for their inclusion and support, it raises a fundamental question: Will the art industry recognize and prioritize the artists who breathe life into it? Leila’s message underscores the importance of making art accessible to all and the transformative power it holds. The onus is on us to champion artists and nurture the world of art. Will we answer the call?

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Brushing Up: pathways in arts leadership