Brushing Up! Article with artist Madjin

painting of a woman
“Diversity of Woman” 2024

With a profound love for painting and a commitment to spreading joy through her artwork, Madjin’s journey is one of liberation and expression. Read on to uncover the essence of her artistic process and the values she holds dear.

🤩 What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

Painting is liberating. I feel Free to create What I want. It’s vital for me to express myself with Colors. I need to paint colorful paintings to make me feel joy and happiness.

The Bluecolor (inspired by the Mediterranean sky where I grew up) is peaceful and helps me with my feelings.

🌟What are the top qualities you see in successful arts leaders?

The top qualities for me are being grateful for their success and helping emerging artists. Share their passion and their success with others.

💡What is the greatest need facing your organization and/or the arts today?

The greatest need is for the visibility and recognition of women artists. Unfortunately, galleries and museums buy mostly men’s art. Women’s artworks are not collected as men’s artworks and it’s a shame in 2024 that it’s still happening!

hands and a painting

🌈Why is making art accessible important?

I do body painting and share my passion with people because I think it’s essential that the new generation is aware that art is part of their Life. They are creative human and they need to keep it Even when they grow up. It’s important to create, see, and buy art to support artists. Art is Everywhere. There are more street artists than before and I do some murals in primary schools with children to make them proud of their environment so that they can feel joy when they go to school thinking that they are part of the creation. They put Colors in their Life/ daily.

How can we collectively work towards greater visibility and recognition for women artists in today’s art world? In a landscape where gender disparities persist, Madjin’s dedication to breaking barriers and empowering the next generation of artists serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of art. Let us embrace her call to make art accessible to all and ensure that creativity continues to flourish in every corner of our society.

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