Brushing Up: Mauro Bonello, Light Art Promoter & Business creator

light installation of ballerina

Mauro Bonello‘s passion lies in exploring how technology can seamlessly intertwine with artistic expression. In this Q&A, we delve into the captivating realm where innovation meets creativity. Discover insights on leveraging technology for immersive artistic experiences and transforming the way individuals engage with the world. Uncover perspectives on arts leadership, addressing the crucial need for collaboration, inclusivity, and the qualities that define successful arts leaders. Read on into the intricate tapestry where art, technology, and societal engagement converge.

🤩 What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

“My job allows me to explore the intersection between technology and art. I love how technology can be used to create unique and immersive artistic experiences that can transform the way people interact with the world around them.”

🌟 What is one way arts leaders can enhance their impact? OR what are the top qualities you see in successful arts leaders?

“Arts leaders can enhance their impact by fostering collaboration and inclusivity in their projects. By working with artists from different backgrounds and disciplines, they can create more diverse and meaningful works of art that resonate with a wider audience. Additionally, successful arts leaders are passionate, creative, and have a clear vision of what they want to achieve.”

💡 What is the greatest need facing your organization and/or the arts today?

In my opinion, the biggest need facing the arts today is a lack of funding and support. Many artists and arts organizations struggle to obtain the necessary resources to carry out their projects and reach new audiences. It’s important for governments, businesses, and communities to recognize the value of the arts and provide the necessary support for them to thrive.”

🌈Why is making art accessible important?

“Making art accessible is important because it allows more people to experience and engage with the world of art. Art can be a powerful tool for education, reflection, and inspiration, and by making it accessible, we can help foster creativity and innovation around the world. Additionally, by making art more accessible, we can help ensure that it is more inclusive and representative of a wide variety of perspectives and experiences.”

How do you envision the future of art and technology shaping our creative landscape? Join the dialogue and let your insights add to the tapestry of perspectives on the transformative power of innovation in the world of art.

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