Brushing up with: Crispian Riley-Smith, CEO & Founder | Art Advisory Group | Fine Art

a man seated I recently got to meet Crispian Riley-Smith, a passionate individual who finds joy in the diverse realms of art, spanning from prints to fine art, wine to cars. With a keen eye for understanding the value of objects and a commitment to adding value to both the art world and clients’ lives, Crispian thrives on daily interactions with artists, collectors, museums, and more. Read on!…

What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

Crispian: I love working with art, and all the different forms of creativity and industry we do as human’s, from prints to furniture to fine art, and from wine to cars. I like working with amazing objects and understanding them and the variety of different things I’m looking art. I also like to understand what something is worth and how I and my team can add value to it or add value to our client’s lives. I like helping people and working with people. Every day I work with artists, collectors, dealers, museums and families.

🌟What is one way arts leaders can enhance their impact? OR what are the top qualities you see in successful arts leaders?

Crispian: Engagement with the audience you are targeting, you must be relevant to the communities you engage with. Whether you are a commercial organisation or non for profit you need to be relevant and engaging, so you can communicate your message and also listen.

What is the greatest need facing your organization and/or the arts today?

Crispian: As a business we are very focused on helping our clients, and providing excellent customer service. The non for profit section of the arts I think have a funding issue, but this from what I read in the press.

🌈Why is making art accessible important?

Crispian: Art touches us all – we have been making it since we were cavemen, and we will continue to do so. Creativity taps part of the brain which we all find amazing and magical. I think we all want to feel amazed and inspired by things, and the arts is part of this.

What do you believe is the most impactful quality for arts leaders, and how can they enhance their connection with diverse audiences? Share your thoughts below! 🎨

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