Celebrate Women’s Month with Strength and Creativity at Stichting Nuestra Casa in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

woman in gallery
Image Credit: Ward Janssen

From March 8th to March 22nd, Stichting Nuestra Casa Rotterdam will be a hub of vibrant celebration as it hosts a series of special activities in honor of Women’s History Month. Designed to highlight the myriad contributions of women across various spheres, these events aim to inspire, empower, and celebrate female power and creativity. At the heart of these celebrations lies the remarkable work of Emelly Velasco, a Mexican-Dutch artist whose unique approach to art promises to captivate audiences and ignite meaningful conversations.

As an admirer of Emelly Velasco’s work, I had the privilege of writing an essay about her work, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Emelly’s artistic journey is a tapestry woven with diverse mediums, including oil paint, acrylic, ink, gold leaves, and even her own blood. Through her exploration of these mediums, she offers a profound examination of the human experience, touching upon themes of identity, strength, and resilience. Having exhibited her work in Central America, Mexico, Italy, and The Netherlands, Velasco’s art has garnered international acclaim for its depth and emotive power.

One of the highlights of the Women’s Month celebrations at Stichting Nuestra Casa is the opening ceremony of the art exhibition, speech, and online auction titled “La Femmale,” taking place on Friday, March 8th at 18:30. This event will offer attendees a firsthand glimpse into Velasco’s captivating creations, which embody the strength, resilience, and creativity of women. Additionally, Velasco will be hosting a workshop on intuitive painting and emotional healing through art on March 22nd at 18:30, providing participants with a unique opportunity to engage with her artistic process.

Stichting Nuestra Casa will also be hosting a talk-conference on “Feminine Leadership” on March 15th at 18:30. This insightful discussion will explore the pivotal role that women have played in shaping various fields, offering attendees valuable insights and inspiration.

A highlight of the Women’s History Month celebrations is the auction for art collectors and enthusiasts on March 22nd at 19:30. Featuring 11 exceptional artworks by Emelly Velasco, this auction promises to be a showcase of talent and creativity. A portion of the proceeds from the auction will be donated to Stichting Nuestra Casa, providing crucial support to women in need.

Velasco’s captivating series, “La Femmale,” serves as the centerpiece of these celebrations, offering a profound exploration of the intricate dance between feminine and masculine energies. In my essay, I aimed to convey Velasco’s thematic approach, which seeks to redefine societal paradigms and promote a harmonious convergence of primal energies, while placing her work within the feminist lineage of art.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, remember the strength, creativity, and resilience of women everywhere. Through the transformative power of art, we can inspire positive change and create a more equitable world for all.

Emelly Velasco’s studio is located in Scheveningen, Den Haag.