Medusa’s Ways of Seeing: Omaha 3 / Petshop Project 2!

So I wrote about prepping the walls with body prints, and installing the work at Petshop Gallery…now I’m gonna share a little about what I LOVE about some of the work in the show!…


Roxanne Wach’s lovely “The Woman Who Was”  (12 x 12”, digital manipulation, left), depicts a woman in motion, dancing, seemingly in a shadow with a source of light pouring onto her, and abstracted cursive script running down the paper. I love its expressive, intimate and modest journalistic qualities.

My memories of Roxanne are in Omaha theatre. I had a show of my self portraiture work in Shelterbelt Theatre, which she now directs, when I was first getting back into the art scene after babies. <3

At right is just a me interruption – one of my self-portrait body print drawings with a quote about freedom, when I was pondering and processing after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The wall at left is so much fun! It’s in the lower gallery, showing the cool angular figurative paintings by Courtney Porto (top left and bottom right); sweet subtle dancer photograph by Julian Adair (bototm left), fun and frisky paintings by Fina Loza (top and bottom middle), and the juicy green portrait watercolor by Maureen Phalen (top right).

How I know these amazing ladies: Courtney and Julian, I featured way back when on my blog Les Femmes Folles. I believe I have exhibited with them before, too.  I met Maureen through a drawing class I modeled for she was an artist in; and Fina Loza the newspaper days!! She wrote some rad coverages of some of my exhibits and events.

Another Sally art break! This is a random self portrait drawing body print with a quote by Amy Schumer. It was a moment where I was seeking self confidence, and I just loved that quote. This one sold!

These two stellar drawings by Troy Davis (right), I just love. As anyone who knows me knows, I have a thing for simple line drawings. I was introduced to Troy via artist Doug Hayko, thanks!


Left, top: Marilyn, ink and candy wrapper by Timothy Schaffert. What an honor to include one from his famous Candy Wrapper fashion series!! I’ve known Timothy since approaching him about a sweet and silly idea for a series of nude readings that I did in conjunction with his omaha lit fest. Find him on IG to see more of his lovely works! 

Below his is the lovely drawing by Evelyn Render Katz, who I also interviewed years ago for my blog. Her work is so diverse and rich, love the perspective of this particular piece, so intimate.

Sally drawing break, from my little body print self portrait series with various quotes, this query points to both my love of the nude form, as well as playful fashion vibes, and  hint of freedom of expression (why not wear this?)…

This lovely duo below by Trilety Wade is one of my faves – two sided painting on a cutting board! Love the duality of the mature nude figure with the abstracted face, to the girl with a puppy, and the script:

“What type of women would  be if we weren’t assaulted as girls?”

Indeed…a dark statement but an important, sad acknowledgement that should be more openly discussed–not just among women. Aesthetically, I love the brushstroke style, and how in the woman image, it almost looks like though the right hand becomes one with the vagina…obscurity and blending of meaning and perspective is provocative…Trilety’s other works in the show are more playful and fun (go visit to see!!). I believe I also met Trilety through my blog interview…and have been artsy comrades since…

The lovely drawing at right is by TG Ndoda, who I have known since modeling with him years ago in a group of models that used to hang and play and take photos. (I posted a drawing he did of me last post.) This one with the subtle color of the flowers is just gorgeous, right??

To Megan Sander’s freaky fun surreal collages (one at left) – love!! The work of Megan’s I knew from years back (we co-curated VOICE together, a group show of women in art in Omaha) was figurative paintings of women with tattoos (happily I own one!!) so this was a fun surprise to see her perspective through different media!


The lovely folks at right are looking at the sensual photography of Larry Ferguson. I met Larry while in undergrad when I worked at a gallery that represented him, then came back to him a decade later for a photo shoot and we’ve been shooting together and collaborating ever since! Not only are his photos stellar and gorgeous, but Larry always has some cool photo context to his work–these works are framed by Vintage 1880’s split back 8×10” contact printing frames. How cool is that?

On the right of the photos you can barely see a snippet of Rodney Rahl’s sweet foursome of square mixed media heart paintings, two of them sales proceeds to Ukranian support. Rodney was a body painter for one of my reading events!…I also have fond memories of winter art sales at his lovely house.


I just love Lori Elliot Bartle’s sweet little “Changing Directions”  mixed media on birch panel (far left in left). The work has a duality of strength and modesty that I love. I also enjoy the juxtaposition of it with my body print and then my little drawing-body print. I too believe I met Lori through an interview for my old blog…

Joan Wilson-Sangimino’s duo of mixed media torso’s are bright, fun, unique and lovely–just like the artist! (see one below at right). I’m sure I met Joan via an interview; one of my favorite memories is seeing her at an art show where she was giving out pickle pins! She and her work are a delight.


So much fun of a show! And there is So MUCH MORE! Please go see the show, take pics and send me works I missed for another post!

Up next: art around Omaha!

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