A.I.R. Gallery: Honoring the Vision of Women Artists through Nancy Storrow’s “Seasonal Notations”

As I embark on my new journey interviewing #artsleaders, I can’t help but pause and admire a few artists I admire along the way, as a longtime arts critic. I have been a longtime fan of A.I.R. Gallery in New York, so I was excited to see my friend and fabulous artist Nancy Storrow’s latest exhibition announcement. Read on…


In the heart of Brooklyn, A.I.R. Gallery shines as a beacon for women artists, dedicated to fostering their creativity, supporting their voices, and promoting their visibility. This enduring mission is vividly reflected in their latest exhibition, “Seasonal Notations” by New York Member Nancy Storrow, marking her thirteenth exhibition at A.I.R.


Nancy Storrow, Leaves (detail), 2022, Pastel, pastel pencil on archival Bristol paper, 11 x 11 inches.

Nancy Storrow’s “Seasonal Notations” is a mesmerizing diary of her days in rural Vermont. Through a series of serial drawings on paper, Storrow transforms her experiences in nature into art. Her work resonates deeply with A.I.R.’s commitment to empowering women artists to explore, create, and share their unique perspectives.




In this captivating body of work, Storrow’s drawings are both meditative abstractions and visual narratives, providing a profound connection with the Earth. By emphasizing elemental forms and employing a range of techniques, her art becomes a testament to the power of self-expression.


As an artist member of A.I.R. Gallery since 1982, Nancy Storrow exemplifies the strength and vision of women artists that A.I.R. strives to celebrate. Her dedication to art and her profound connection to the natural world resonate with A.I.R.’s mission to provide a platform for women artists to share their experiences, perspectives, and creativity.


A.I.R. Gallery, an artist-run organization, thrives on its unique structure and commitment to inclusivity. It stands as a living testament to the resilience, innovation, and voices of women artists. From exhibitions like “Seasonal Notations” to programs such as the Fellowship Program for Emerging and Underrepresented Women and Non-Binary Artists, A.I.R. Gallery continues to empower women artists and amplify their presence in the art world.


Join A.I.R. Gallery in celebrating women artists, their creative expressions, and their remarkable contributions. “Seasonal Notations” by Nancy Storrow is not only an exquisite display of art but also a testament to A.I.R.’s unyielding dedication to supporting and promoting the diversity and creativity of women artists.




🎨✨🖼️  Have you been to A.I.R. Gallery? What art have you seen lately that inspires?

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