Brushing Up: In Conversation with Kelly Cahn, Senior Curator and Director of Sourcing at On Approval

photo of a womanI’m so thrilled to share this q-and-a with Kelly Cahn, Senior Curator and Director of Sourcing at On Approval, a visionary online platform that gives exclusive access to art on your own terms through monthly subscriptions, purchase, and lease-to-own options. Through On Approval, you can get custom curated artwork packages for short- and long-term subscriptions, to bring original museum-quality art directly into spaces both grand and intimate.

Kelly is a dedicated art professional who shares her favorite aspects of her work, and highlights the importance of fostering collaboration as arts leaders, why art accessibility matters for a more inclusive society, and more insights. Read on and dive deeper by connecting with On Approval on LinkedIn.

🤩 What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

I find immense satisfaction in working with collectors, interior designers, and corporate clients to identify their goals and connect them with artwork. The process of understanding their vision and helping them find works that resonate on a personal and professional level is truly rewarding. It’s a unique blend of deep artworld connections and knowledge; creative and strategic thinking; and the joy of fostering meaningful connections through art.

🌟 What is one powerful way arts leaders can enhance their impact?

Arts leaders can enhance their impact by fostering collaboration and inclusivity within the artistic community. By creating platforms and initiatives that bring together diverse artists, perspectives, and ideas, leaders can contribute to a more vibrant and dynamic cultural landscape. Encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and supporting artists at various points in their career cycle can lead to innovative expressions and a richer tapestry of artistic experiences for both creators and audiences.

💡 What is the greatest need facing your organization and/or the arts today?

One of the greatest needs facing the arts today is the need for sustainable and equitable support systems. Fostering an ecosystem where artists from various backgrounds are given equal opportunities and recognition is crucial for the continued growth and relevance of the arts. On Approval aims to democratize access to art, for the entire ecosystem of artists, collectors, advisors and galleries. Our model allows people and trade to experience art at home or in situ, through monthly subscriptions and lease-to-own options.

🌈 Why is making art accessible important?

Making art accessible is important because it democratizes culture and fosters a more inclusive society. Art has the power to inspire, provoke thought, and build bridges between individuals and communities. When art is accessible to a wide audience, regardless of socio-economic background or geographic location, it becomes a shared language that transcends barriers. This not only enriches the lives of individuals but also contributes to a more culturally aware and interconnected world. Accessible art ensures that creativity and inspiration are not confined to a privileged few but are accessible to all, promoting a more equitable and diverse cultural landscape.

🎨 Closing thoughts

Kelly’s insights and the mission of On Approval remind us that art isn’t just for the select few; art knows no bounds. From connecting collectors with their ideal art to fostering collaborations and enhancing accessibility, the art world is evolving, expanding and reaching new horizons. As you embark on your own artistic journey, consider how you might be a part of this movement:

👁️🗨️ Are there ways you can collaborate or foster inclusivity in your leadership?

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