Book Release! Conjuring Love by Leslie C. Sotomayor

book cover with abstract art
Cover art by Sara Ishi

I am thrilled and deeply honored to be one of the contributing artists in the recently published book, “Conjuring Love: A Collection of Poems & Artworks/Conjurando amor: una colección de poemas y obras de arte.” This project is incredibly meaningful to me as an artist who values collaborative expressions between art and poetry (see my past collaborative books here!). And its extra special because I admire the poet/artist Leslie C. Sotomayor II, PhD and the other esteemed artists I am featured alongside.

The book, curated by Sotomayor, delves into the profound realms of human experiences through poetry and visual art. Divided into four evocative parts—M(other)ing, L(over)s, Embo(died), and D(anger)—Sotomayor’s introspective poems navigate themes of love, loss, trauma, and self-discovery with heartfelt sincerity.

“Conjuring Love” is a unique collaboration where the poetry serves as a muse for artists to craft artworks in response, resulting in a harmonious dialogue between words and visuals. This intentional creative exchange fosters bridges of understanding and new avenues of self-expression, making the book a captivating exploration of intertwined narratives.

I am super excited about the upcoming virtual book launch scheduled for May 22nd at 6 pm (Zoom meeting ID 989 7800 6744; Passcode 290092). This event promises to be a celebration of artistry and poetry, providing a platform to engage with the profound themes explored in “Conjuring Love.” It is an opportunity for readers, art enthusiasts, and fellow creatives to immerse themselves in this collaborative journey, where every poem and artwork invites reflection, introspection, and a deeper connection to the human experience.

The contributions of fellow artists—Avery Castillo, Annette Hestres, Sara Ishii, and June (Juniper) Ramsay—add layers of depth and richness to the overarching narrative of the book. Their unique perspectives and artistic expressions complement the poetic essence of the collection, creating a unique platform of emotions and storytelling. Get your copy on amazon here!