Transforming Uncertainty into Artistic Clarity: An Experiment

a blank roll of canvas in the corner of a messy art studio
The blank canvas in my studio…

An enormous roll of blank canvas has been haunting me in the corner of my domestic art studio for over a year (a gift from a dear friend; as I wouldn’t purchase it myself), serving as an ominous reminder of my current moment of transition and uncertainty.

Usually, I’m in a flow of sorts–and well, I still am. Writing art reviews, drawing small works, curating for my day job, and mom to two teens.

Still, the behemoth taunts me, symbolizing all the uncertainty swirling around me–career shifts, looming empty nest syndrome, my next big artistic move.

drawing of a woman staring at a blank canvasSo–in this series of blog posts–“Blank Canvas”–I’ve decided to confront it, devote time to define myself as I wrestle with this giant metaphor, and share my struggles and victories, changes also felt in my body as a 43-year-old woman. And with any luck, I’ll conclude the year with an amazingly full canvas, or at least, an idea.

For the next seven months, I’ll present two articles a month; the first, is an inside look at my thoughts and personal environment. The second, a dive into the artwork and art historical precedents around the topic.

And hey, I’m not in this alone. I want to hear from you! How do you tackle those moments when life hands you a blank canvas and says, ‘Go on, make something of it’? Let’s swap strategies and inspire each other to find our clarity amidst the chaos!”