Brushing Up! with Silvia Hametaj, Lawyer | Painter | Writer

woman's faceIn this interview with Silvia Hametaj, we delve into the world of this passionate artist who views the act of creation as a dance between pain and happiness, a waltz that unfolds within each stroke on the canvas. Silvia reflects on the profound relationship between the inner self and the external expression found in art, highlighting the transformative power of this unique form of communication. Read on!…

🤩 What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

“My favourite thing about what I do is the opportunity that art gives me to fully express myself. When I create, I merge with time and eternity, and what has been accumulated inside me materialises in the frame. It is a kind of relationship between the inside and the outside. It is a waltz in which pain and happiness dance within each one, which then rests in the frame.”

🌟 What is one way arts leaders can enhance their impact? What are the top qualities you see in successful arts leaders?

“One of the most powerful ways art leaders can increase their influence is through the media. As you know, the written and visual media have become daily “food” for people. Since we have to influence people, the focus should be on them. To reach the people, we have to find the channels through which we can reach them. Among different platforms and ideas, we invite you to see different proposals for art. Gradually, the influence of art leaders will also increase.

The qualities of successful leaders are numerous; however, some of the most important are: A network with strong and numerous bases, Good marketing skills, because, as you know, communication with third parties is achieved through marketing, Clear ideas and discipline to face the unknown difficulties of the future, etc.”

💡What is the greatest need facing your organization and/or the arts today?

“Knowledge is power. I think this phrase fits this question. There is a great lack of information about the opportunities that the market offers in art. A person can always be on the lookout for a completely unimportant piece of information that can change the fate of an artist on the difficult path he has chosen to follow.”

🌈Why is making art accessible important?

“Because if you don’t offer anything, you won’t get anything. To reap, you must sow. Whatever everyone’s objective, art must first be made accessible to reap results, whatever the purpose.”

Closing Question for Readers:

What aspects of the interview resonated with you the most, and how do you believe art plays a transformative role in communication and influence? Feel free to share your reflections and join the conversation on the profound impact of art in our lives.

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