Medusa’s Ways of Seeing: Omaha 1! Modeling at Hot Shops

drawingI made a trip back to my mostly-home-town of Omaha last week to open a group show I curated, BODIES: Art by Sally + Friends, at Petshop Gallery (open thru September! Contact me to arrange a visit!)

(Left: drawing of me by Tafadzwa “TG” Ndoda.)

My trip involved putting the show together with around 30 artists and 50 works, as well as modeling for a group of 2d artists, visiting galleries around town…and my elongated 3 day trip home through airports…


Where to begin?? :

drawingModeling. (Right: fun one by Trilety Wade! I can’t remember what the text said! And using crayons – always love #playfulart! and my toes ;))

Throughout you’ll find some of the drawings by the artists (such as left–I only know two of the artists name–feel free to contact for attribution!).

I arrived Tuesday afternoon and a few hours after my two flights, I had a gig to figure model for a kind group of artists at Hot Shops Art Center.

drawingI hadn’t modeled for a figure drawing group since I moved 9 years ago!

drawing[I have modeled for several artist-photographers since. But that is more action-oriented. Figure drawing for 2-d artists is more about angle and stillness. Similar, but different!]

I was nervous. Not so much for the nudity (although I admit, since getting psoriasis I was slightly, but also know artists find these ‘flaws’ interesting), but if I could in my older age hold long poses!!

Luckily, the longest was 30 minutes. OK>doable.

drawingArtists were situated in a circle around me so I had to think and make various angles to face them as equally as possible. Such a fun little challenge! I love moving my body around in different ways to hopefully create interesting perspectives…the first 2-minutes and 10-minutes poses are more open and free. This group gave ample breaks as well to stretch out and walk on feet that fell asleep.

drawingThe last two thirty minute poses were difficult, but a great meditation time. I just blank out, find shapes in the floor or ceiling, and listen to the music (was reggae I believe).

drawingAfter…I tiptoe around, wanting to peek but also not wanting to impose on the artists. They were all friendly, very complimentary of my poses, and all shared their stellar work as this post exemplifies with a sampling–what awesome variety!

drawingI don’t know what it is – I don’t have an ego (or do I? haha)…I just enjoy both sides of the easel. I enjoy the act of moving around, seeing different perspectives of me (ok a little ego) [but moreso because everyone sees differently which I love], and taking in the stillness. Also, chatting and meeting other figurative artists!! What a treat!! TY Hot Shops!

drawingLeft-by Tafadzwa “TG” Ndoda.

I only have two artist names bc they’re my friends! If you’re reading this and are one of the artists I’m happy to credit you!


Thanks for reading! Up next: body painting the walls and installing my group show at Petshop Gallery / experience Benson First Friday again, and a visit to Moonrise Gallery and more!

(Left and right: me in my robe with drawings by Trilety Wade <3.)


[When I first started modeling, I got some judgement…read by What Will her Kids Think statement…however, I am joined by many artists who were also artist models…such as Kiki de Montparnasse, Suzanne Valadon , Lizzie Siddal and Alice Prin. Artist models don’t get enough credit! Check out this list of impactful artist models.]

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More soon…


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