Expressive Evolution: A Journey through Body Prints and Self-Exploration + GIVEAWAY

abstract painted print resembling christmas treeSince I’m holding a holiday Breastmas giveaway (details here), I thought I’d share some text on my body prints!

Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly, and for me, it came in the form of Yves Klein’s “Anthropometries” exhibit. Witnessing the courageous and blatant expression of women through their bodies left an indelible mark on my creative spirit. Though led by a male artist, Klein’s work ignited a curiosity that propelled me into the realm of body-printing, a fascinating artistic avenue that has seen various interpretations over the years.

My Unique Approach:

In my own exploration of body prints, I chose to use my female body as the canvas, inspired by the meditative process of self-painting. Utilizing my kid’s tempera-paint as a medium served as a playful nod to the multifaceted role of motherhood. The act of physically stamping myself onto paper or canvas became a deeply personal and introspective experience, with each brushstroke reflecting intuitive expression.

A Form of Self-Portraiture:

The outcome of this process is a unique form of self-portraiture—one that delves closer to the raw essence of the human form. Repeatedly creating body prints adds a personal touch, making each piece an intimate exploration of identity. The curly-prints from my pubic hair introduce an erotic flair, while the white stamped nipples create a ghostly aura. Drips and lines echo the beautiful indeterminism inherent in both visual art and life.

Breastmas: A Play with Gender and Body Image:

Adding an intriguing layer to my body-print series is the wordplay of “Breastmas.” This playful twist delves into the realms of gender, body image, and the historical significance of what we hold dear. It serves as a commentary on the fluidity of identity and challenges societal norms, creating a dialogue about the diverse ways we perceive and celebrate our bodies throughout history.

As I share my journey through body prints, I invite you to explore the multifaceted nature of self-expression and identity. Inspired by so many other women’s pioneering body work, my body prints aim to capture the essence of the human form, delving into the personal and the profound. Through the interplay of colors, shapes, and themes like “Breastmas,” I hope to spark conversations about gender, body image, and the ever-evolving canvas of human existence.

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