Embracing Motherhood and Artistry: A Playful Celebration of the Female Form, Giveaway: More about my At Time, Mama drawings

drawing of a nude female formAs I’m holding a holiday giveaway including two of my “Art Time Mama” drawings, I thought I’d share a little more about the series.

In a world often marked by societal norms and expectations surrounding the female body, I explore and celebrate the intertwining realms of motherhood and artistry. Through the medium of children’s craft and imagery, I have embarked on a journey of self-expression, using my sometimes pregnant nude form as a canvas. In doing so, I aim to bring the sheltered or hyper-sexualized female form to a position of appreciation and non-scrutiny.

Connecting Through Creativity:

The incorporation of children’s media in my drawings serves as a powerful means of connection—both with my audience, my kids and the artistic process itself. By embracing the innocence and simplicity of children’s craft, a bridge is built between the worlds of adulthood and youth. As we engage with the process and witness the outcome together, a shared experience is forged, transcending conventional boundaries.

Revealing Inseparability:

At the core of my artistic exploration lies the revelation of the inseparability of motherhood and artistry. The works not only showcase the beauty of the pregnant female form but also delve into the dichotomies surrounding body image, sexuality, and gender identity. In this intricate dance of themes, the intersection of motherhood and youth takes center stage, challenging preconceived notions and inviting a deeper understanding.

Playful Acts of Love:

Beyond the complexities explored, these drawings are, at their simplest, playful acts of love. Love for childhood and my children, as the chosen medium reflects the innocence and purity associated with children’s craft. Love for motherhood, as the pregnant form takes on a new light, free from judgment and societal constraints. And finally, love for the female body, embracing its beauty in all its forms and stages.


In a world where societal norms often dictate how we perceive and appreciate the female form, this artistic journey serves as a refreshing departure from the ordinary. Through the lens of children’s media, I invite viewers to join me in a celebration of motherhood, youth, and the female body. These drawings are not just about art; they are about breaking free from societal constraints, fostering connection, and, above all, engaging in playful acts of love.

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