Reflecting on 2023: Artistic and Professional Accomplishments

My 2023 artist year in Review! 🎨 Reflecting on my 2023 art journey, and wow, what a ride! 🚀 Here are some highlights:

1️⃣ Fundraiser & art show at Morgantown Art Party

woman and art

2️⃣ International artist residency with Proyecto ‘ace in Argentina

3️⃣ Presented a YouTube archives series around my art and collections in the University of Nebraska Archivewoman and art

4️⃣ Started a new blog on art & arts leadership

5️⃣ Duo show with Amy Chaiklin & artists talk with Linda Rosefsky at Monongalia Art Center

6️⃣ Over 12 national exhibitions & publications

7️⃣ Featured in 2 local news stories

8️⃣ Completed 2 art commissions

9️⃣ Presented at several art history events, conferences & programs

🔟 Grateful for support fro

m friends and patrons, old and new – thank you! 🙏 Exciting announcement coming in 2024 – stay tuned! 🌟



Happy New Year!📚✨ Reflecting on my 2023 professional journey as Curator for WVU Libraries and a dedicated scholar of art history, leadership, project management, curating, and professional development!

🌟 So grateful for the support from students, scholars, partners, friends, mentors, and colleagues who contributed to these accomplishments! Cheers to another year of growth!

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