Oh goddesses, here we go!

comic of a woman in front of a blank canvas
I made with OpenAI

I’ve got this blank canvas staring at me, and guess what?  I had the genius idea to invite my artist friends to contribute to my new series of work. While I’m stoked to incorporate their perspectives, part of me is now realizing the pressure of making something actually good enough, on top of the fact that I am documenting the process!

And now, starting on the blank canvas…what if it turns out to be a disaster?

I can’t count the times I’ve submitted to shows, conferences, residencies, and publications—mostly getting rejected. But those moments of acceptance? They’re exhilarating! 

Until I realize…

oh crap, now I actually have to do this! Hahaha!

Anyone else ever feel this way?

So, here I am, about to dive into this blank canvas THIS MONTH, and I’ve got serious butterflies!

My plan: I’ll spread a sheet in my garage, lay down the canvas (minus the pieces sent to my fantastic contributors), and cover it with body prints for the first layer.

Question: should I keep it as one long, 50-foot canvas or split it up?

And what colors to use? I’m thinking beach vibes—pinks and turquoise. They remind me of all the changes in my life—my body, my kids, my career—up and down as waves. Too, the beach always makes me feel hopeful and at peace. Vibes I’m seeking.

But still, eeek! That first touch of the canvas, that first mark…what if it doesn’t turn out as planned? 

The beauty of body printing is in its raw, expressive, and organic nature. So, I’ll let go and let it spill into place.

I’ll take pictures along the way…send me some good vibes and memes in the comments!