Stitching Space: Seeking 10 artists to contribute!

woman with a blank canvas
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I’m itching to dive into this blank canvas —anyone else feeling the creative fever?

Back in April, I planned out my Blank Canvas blog topics for the entire year. Today’s article is supposed to be all about spotlighting other artists who weave research into their creative processes.

(Think: Martha Rosler’s extensive research into homelessness and poverty. OR Kara Walker, known for her deeply researched artworks that explore themes of race, gender, and power dynamics in American history. OF COURSE Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party…)

But I’m twisting my process! 

According to my blog schedule, I wasn’t supposed to make my first mark on a blank canvas until September.

However, inspiration has struck early!

I’m embracing this nebulous process as I figure this all out!

Reflecting on my current and upcoming life changes—especially those surrounding womanhood and motherhood—has ignited a flurry of ideas, while also thinking about fellow artists around me, perhaps feeling similar things…

My vision: my large blank canvas will become a work in conversation with creatives like YOU!

My fellow women-identifying artists: What does SPACE mean to you right now?

Step 1: You message or email me, with your interest!

Sept 2: I send you a small piece of canvas (6×6-8×8”).**

Step 2: You to respond creatively in anyway.

Step 3: Send it back to me by end of August.

Step 4: I will stitch yours onto my canvases, integrating our works, and your names will become part of the work’s title.

It’s interactive! Honors the incredible women around me right now!, and reflects on our shared experiences, while grounding myself in mine through the larger works. I love it!

I can’t wait to create something beautiful together!

Will you join me or share with your friends?

**Due to limited funding, I can only send canvases to US addresses at this time.